Mining Vehicle Safety


Redarc/Hummingbird Electronics’ Cab Pressure Monitors provide a visual display to operators, letting them know when positive pressure in the cab is too low or too high. SafeWork NSW are creating awareness, to show the importance of protecting workers from coal dust & black lung. New rules apply from 1st February 2021. A Cabin Pressure Monitoring System can help alert operators when levels are detected.

Low pressure in the cab can result in dust and other harmful materials entering the cab. High pressure can result in fatigue and headaches. The cab pressure monitor has been engineered for simple installation and operation.

The Cab Pressure Monitor measures pressure in the cab and compares it with atmospheric pressure. When the pressure in the cab drops to a level that is not high enough to prevent dust and other materials entering the cab, the display turns orange to alert the operator. After a user configurable number of seconds of the pressure being low or high, the display turns red, a warning is shown and the external outputs are triggered.

Three outputs are provided as follows:

  • Orange: Open collector, switches to ground after a user configurable number of seconds of the pressure being low or high  This output is internally fused to 200mA with a self-resetting fuse.
  • Blue: Voltage output; configurable via the menu to be normally-high (9V) or normally-low (0V).  The output will switch after a user configurable number of  seconds of the pressure being low.
  • White: Analogue voltage representing pressure.  Voltage scaling can be changed via the menu.

The pressure measurement units and thresholds can be configured via a touch-screen.  The touch-screen must be accessed within 10 seconds of power being applied after which it is disabled.  The touch-screen also allows other features such as screen brightness, password and outputs to be configured.

A precision sensor allows pressure to measured to a resolution of 0.1mm H20. Measured pressure is temperature compensated to allow operation over a wide range of temperatures.  An extremely high sensor burst pressure of 5000Pa means that door slams will not affect the sensor.

Push fittings allow for quick installation of the tube to the outside.  A spare bulkhead push fitting is provided to enable sealed entry through the vehicle fire-wall if required.  A filter is supplied to keep the air provided to the sensor as clean as possible.


Reduce the Risk of Machinery Rollovers  

Introducing Hummingbird Electronics Integrated Compact Inclinometer (HMDS0400).

It is a simple device that enables machinery operators to monitor both pitch and/ or roll of their machines. By incorporating an integrated accelerometer into the compact colour display, we do away with requiring the sometimes cumbersome externally mounted sensor. It’s ideally suited for civil vehicles and machinery such as earthmoving, water trucks and other heavy transport vehicles.

These vehicles inherit a high centre of gravity which means a large portion of their weight is carried high up off the road surface. This makes the machine top heavy and vulnerable to rollovers. The Integrated Compact Inclinometer reduces the risk of rollover, improving both driver and machinery safety.

The Integrated Compact Inclinometer allows for flexible and more cost-effective installations. It is powered by simply plugging into a cigarette lighter socket or directly hard wiring to machine power. The full-colour display can be positioned in a range of orientations, allowing it to be customised to suit individual needs.

The easy-to-follow integrated menu allows for easy interpretation of pitch and roll angles in either degrees or percent gradients. It also features configurable warning and alarm levels that are linked to an internal buzzer that will alert an operator if a dangerous pre-determined angle has been reached.


Hummingbird Electronics now offer a highly visible LED Sign Board (HMLI007B), used to assist in the identification of machinery and provide vital information in mining and civil applications.

The LED Sign Board offers an important medium to provide key information between teams on-site. It is common knowledge that most mine sites face challenges relating to being able to identify vehicle ID numbers due to differences in vehicle size, dust and environmental factors such as poor weather and road conditions.

The sign board can be customised with up to four characters, making it perfectly suited for a range of applications such as mine vehicle identification numbers, height limit restrictions, as well as speed and safety alerts.

The LED Sign Board features an in-built GPS and on-board light sensor which automatically adjusts the display brightness based on real time lighting and sunlight or sunset times making in the perfect application for day and night operation.

Like all Hummingbird products it is highly durable, featuring a rugged, weatherproof frame that not only protects the sensitive electrical and LED components but ensures it will perform in all of Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Dimensions 458mm wide x 270mm high x 21.5mm deep

*PAYLOAD DISPLAY EXAMPLE (Note – 1 installed on each side of Truck for Loader/ Operator to see):

* (Freight charges applicable to orders).

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