Collision Avoidance Products


The 2018 Safety Bulletin by the NSW Resources Regulator, lists the recommendation:

7. review available proximity detection and collision avoidance technologies

Lecky’s Hunter Valley offer a number of collision avoidance products, in both Surface & Underground applications, to aid in many risky situations that may be encountered on work sites. Employees that operate equipment or move around on site (in & out of vehicles), must be protected by a collision avoidance system.

For example, PBE’s Vantage software offers reporting & tracking features, to help identify where employees, mobile equipment & geofencing have interacted with other personnel & mobile machinery that are equipped with collision avoidance, tracking devices.

* SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in progress for PAS-ZR & VT-T vehicle tags shown in below video, incorporating GPS, RFID & Radar. Completed installation has PAS-ZR mounted in 316 Stainless Steel enclosure with external RFID antenna & vehicle tags hard-wired & mounted on dash.

These devices are shown as per below:


Much more than a Proximity Alert System. PAS-Z has reporting capabilities for increasing safety and nearly endless configurations for multiple vehicle types.

The dash mounted device alerts drivers of the presence of personnel, vehicles and obstacles, as well as user defined geofences. The configurable PAS-Z helps manage vehicle interactions by reporting reliable information on the proximity of the closest objects.

It also interacts with on-the-ground personnel detection via the various on-person tags: PAS-500, miniTAG & capTAG.

The user-friendly system also has a start-up system that has reporting capabilities to keep the system performing at peak efficiency to ensure each job site utilizing PAS-Z is safer & more productive.


PBE’s PAS-C Proximity Alert System enhances the operator’s situational awareness, enabling configuration of different detection technologies of RFID, GPS, Electro-Magnetic & Radar, plus the option of incorporating real-time camera’s.

The system detects light vehicles, heavy vehicles, defined obstacles & personnel. Installing the PAS-C on equipment will have operators feeling more secure even when their vision is partially obscured, in low visibility or low light levels.

PAS-C can be configured so the PAS-100 dashboard displays live video feed and detected objects simultaneously from mounted cameras. PAS-C has numbers applications for both surface and underground operations. 


The PBE PT-TAG is a proximity alert system (PAS) and tracking tag combined to create an all-encompassing tracking solution.

The PT-TAG utilizes multiple technologies: RFID, Electromagnetics, GPS & RADAR (technologies are model independent).


Hummingbird Electronics Silent Horn is a replacement for noisy machine horns on sites where noise pollution reduction is paramount. Using Integrated GPS/GLONASS for positional awareness, loaders are able to alert trucks quickly and clearly without generating any external noise.

The System Status on the display screen can indicate loss of GPS signal, plus pitch & roll, speed & can be added to alert the driver of over speed & hazardous incline positions they may encounter in operation of the equipment.