Mining Vehicle Safety

COLLISION AVOIDANCE – PAS (Proximity Alert System)


PBE is the leading provider of integrated, single source safety and productivity solutions, technology and engineering expertise.

Proximity Alert System Detection Technology enhances vehicle interaction designed for the operational workplace safety of both personnel and equipment. The PBE Proximity Alert System features: Vehicle to vehicle collision detection, vehicle to personnel collision detection, vehicle to fixed asset collision detection, personnel detection alert system, hazardous area Geofencing capability, audio and visual warnings and real-time video surveillance.

It also features multiple object recognition, multiple detection technologies for redundancy and safety flexible user interface options as well as monitoring and reporting systems.






We offer mining vehicle safety solutions, including Emergency Stop systems, Collision Awareness, Hornless Horns & hoist raise control.

The LSLIVC Isolation Verification control module from Lingona is 12/24VDC device designed to implement a safe working environment for all employees, allowing compliance with AS4871.6.2013, clause – “Where a double pole isolator is used, verification of correct operation of both poles should be addressed within the maintenance management system for the plant.”

The voltage indication is a true reference voltage with isolation verification, 4 options available through an easy selection process on an internal DIP SWITCH and a second DIP SWITCH for voltage application of either 12v or 24v DC.

The isolation verification control also measures the difference between the isolator battery and machine side and determines if there is a voltage drop to capture isolator internal connection failures, and also if the case that the machine’s isolator is turned off whilst the machine is running, the isolation control will measure the voltage drop between the battery and the machine to determine this occurrence.

It will then activate a warning led/alarm and with a 20 second delay interlock relay to cut out either ignition or start solenoid depending on the customers requirements. By selecting the required DIP SW, the below image screen will change to suit the below desired options available.


Reducing noise pollution;

maintaining clear communication

Hornless Horn Screen


Redarc/Hummingbird Electronics’ Silent Horn is a replacement for noisy machine horns on sites where noise pollution reduction is paramount. Loaders are able to alert trucks quickly and clearly without generating any external noise.

How it works: When the loader operator presses the horn switch, an RF message is sent to trucks in the vicinity. If they are within a specified distance from the loader and are part of that loader circuit, a buzzer in the display will sound and a red horn symbol is displayed along with the loader number.

System status is shown on the display and will indicate loss of GPS signal, loss of communications with the antenna and many other faults. Pitch, roll and speed can all optionally be displayed and the operator can be warned of over speed and dangerous pitch or roll events.


Only alerts trucks assigned to a loader to avoid confusion.

Only alerts trucks within a specified range to avoid congestion

Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver for highest accuracy positioning.

434MHz radio for long range and object avoidance.

Allocated time-slot for RF transmission avoids radio interference

Internal buzzer and visual alert

2 Relay outputs for external indication lights.

No RF cables required

12/24V compatible.

Optional pitch, roll and speed indication.

Easy mounting using supplied U-bolts.